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Once, I have made countless assumptions about my retirement life, and I have some expectations. The only thing I didn’t think of was that at the crucial moment when the “sunset is infinitely good”, the sudden changes will crush all the previous expectations.

That was the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month last year. Because of the cough, my wife forced me to go to the county hospital. Chest, CT, report on the report: left lung nodules, local shadows, it is recommended to go to Hubei Cancer Hospital for further examination. Looking at the face of my wife and daughter, I have probably guessed eight or nine points about my condition.

That night, sleepless night. Lying in bed, vaguely seeing people around me, the past things kept moving through my mind, the whole body was like a plate of cold water, from the head to the feet. Doesn't it mean that good people have good news? I have a decade of "love volunteers" experience. It should be considered a good person. How can God make good people suffer such pain and suffering? Throughout the night, I spent my time thinking. The next day, the son-in-law drove me to Wuhan. It was another examination. After a few days, the conclusion came out: a small cell malignant tumor of the left lung.

Perhaps it was the beginning of a bad plan. After the result came out, it was calmed down. Of course, I know that this Spring Festival is destined to be spent in the hospital.

The courtyard of the hospital is green and beautiful, with beautiful scenery, lakes and mountains, and birds and flowers. This kind of park-like environment may be designed specifically for our patients. Perhaps it helps to regulate the patient's mood and speed up the recovery of the patient. I think so.


So, I lived in the 1st floor and 1 bed of the 11th floor of the radiotherapy and chemotherapy building. Good sign, the wife said, this indicates that you will be strong, will be fine, must, must. I actually believe.









Xu Hongbin, an extremely responsible and amiable oncologist. Every time I check the room, I will take the trouble to ask the patient, and touch the place where the tumor is easy to transfer. When I touch it, my face always has a natural smile. It is said that smile is a woman's patent. In fact, Director Xu's smile is also very infectious. Whenever I see his smile, I have confidence in treating the disease, and even forget that I am still a seriously ill patient.

In the hospital, in terms of patients, the most exposed is the nurse. On the first day of injection, she was the head of the nurse, Huang Ping, and everyone called her teacher Huang. "We are a fellow, big fellow" After I heard that I was a Huangmei person, Teacher Huang told me that she was a Huanggang person. Also let me not have too much psychological pressure: here, there is such a sentence called "treating the doctor to the doctor, adjusting the mentality to give yourself" as long as there is a good attitude, you can achieve the best therapeutic effect. Therefore, I have always insisted on doing my part: to maintain a good attitude.

Zhu Ya is my tube nurse and one of the most loved ones I have seen among many nurses. This undergraduate student who came out of the mountains. Tall figure, round face, when smiling, the face always shows shallow dimples. I remember the injection in Zhu Yalai's ward. I saw that my hands were full of needles, the blood vessels were swollen, my arms were blue, and Xiao Zhu didn't know how to be good. I said, call, I can. Xiao Zhu has a needle, and I have to bite my teeth. After a while, I said to her if nothing happened: In fact, your injection is not painful at all. Really, I just teased you. Xiao Zhu's face was reddish and shyly smiled at me. It was this smile that made us forget the year.

Later, Xiao Zhu took the time to write a note《不想对你说再见》, published on the cultural Huangmei WeChat platform, which is her blessing and prayer, and is also the professional ethics that Hubei Cancer Hospital has consistently insisted on not saying goodbye to patients.

xxThere are a lot of nurses like Zhu Ya who love to laugh. Bao Dan, Huang Ping, Le Li, Yang Zhen, Ye Jia, and many others can't remember their names. They are all angels sent by God, with skillful dance. "Technology", with a brilliant smile to save the enchanted patients from the fire.


If the angels of the Provincial Cancer Hospital are exquisite in "dancing skills" and their medical skills are notorious, then their medical ethics is also full of praise.

When I first came to Wuhan, a friend told me that if I was seriously ill, I would give a red envelope to the attending doctor and the expert. This would give me a special care of the doctor. I also said that this is the "hidden rule" of all hospitals. I don't think so. To be honest, when I was in the unit, I didn't send a red envelope, and I never accepted someone else's red envelope. In view of the special circumstances, I have to make it difficult for my wife to go to the office.

When we were no one, we often guarded the office of Hu Desheng, deputy dean and director Xu Hongbin. Dean Hu was my fellow, and also a professor who helped me to be admitted to the hospital and personally watched the diagnosis. Director Xu was in the whole treatment process. Responsible experts, their attitude determines the effectiveness of my future treatment. It was hard to wait until Dean Hu entered the office. Just wanted to follow it and listened to the "嘭" sound, and then came the anti-locking sound from the door. As a well-trained agent, he is highly vigilant about the moments around him. He does not give us any chance to "make a crime". Of course, the same method ended in failure with Director Xu.

Leaders can't do it, we are close to the attending physician. I finally got the chance. After the third admission, my wife and I were in the conference room and waited for the doctor to arrange the ward. This time only the two of us and Dr. Hu Liu. I made a wink with my wife. She quickly put the red envelope into Hu’s white coat, and after she reacted, we had already run without a trace.

xxOn the second day of investigation, the head nurse, Bao Dan, called her wife to the corridor and gave her a receipt. It turned out that Dr. Hu was not forced to fight, and had to pay the hospitalization fee for the red envelope. Bao Dan looks serious: When you are in the hospital, don't you sign the "rejection of the red envelope promise", how come out? My wife is full of red face, so I am ashamed of my actions. Later, it was known that each patient had to sign a refusal to submit a red envelope with the hospital when he was hospitalized. The original rejection of the red envelope was the "family rule" of the cancer hospital.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the treatment steps that cancer patients must go through. The side effects of radiotherapy are large, the most common is nausea accompanied by vomiting, and the taste of the person is completely lost. Just after the end of chemotherapy, I want to vomit when I see the food. I can only drink some porridge to absorb the poor nutrition. Usually at this time, the wife will force me to eat a bite, saying that if she does not eat, she will not have the strength to fight cancer. She said that this is what the doctor said. And always looked at me, afraid that I would lie. I was wronged but I didn't dare to confront her. Only when she was behind her was the "Disciplinary Inspection Commission" and did not do anything else. She always stared at me as a "problem". I have no resistance to repeated resistance. I am only strong and have no choice.


Nearly half a year after I was admitted to the hospital, I have seen various cancer patients. Among these patients, there are rich people in Jinyi and people in the cloth. Their largest is 89 years old, and the youngest is still in junior high school. Before admission, I suspect that the atmosphere of the cancer hospital must be dull, and the mood of patients and their families must be heavy. However, when I lived in the "11th floor", I could not see this. The doctor-patient relationship here is harmonious and the atmosphere is very harmonious. In addition to completing the treatment tasks, doctors and nurses occasionally ridicule with family members, and the patients are also involved in snoring. They are safe in the ward and go out to the ward. Playing chess, fighting landlords, chatting, walking. If not the unique marks on the head, who would associate them with critically ill patients?